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  1. Sirs: After reading and hearing many recommendations, I downloaded CCleaner. It's a really excellent utility.After installing and cleaning one of my PC, I recovered a lot of space and began to run faster.Wonderful! I selected to clean some areas, includindg The Start Menu .It did it; it cleaned all recent programs and opened documents menu;then ,after a time,I checked Start Menu again, but a problem popped up: no recent programs and documents are showed since then. No matter how many programs are started or how many times any program or any document is opened , the Start Menu always is blank. Another thing: my defaul browser is Internet Explorer and my E-mail client is Outlook;well, original icons changed and generic ones are showed instead at Star Menu. I recognize I made a mistake cheking or unchecking so many things at first run. but now it is really annoying. What did I do wrong? What do I have to check or uncheck at CCleaner Menu to fix this? Please,help me to repair all this mess. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Alexander Alvarez.
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