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  1. CCleaner lists Ditto in the 'Applications' tab but does not clear the database in the program Ditto. http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/
  2. Caffeine worked great. Thanks for the tip! Many programs like Defraggler don't run or run well when the screensaver kicks in or the PC trys to go to sleep. Get the job done, then rest...... Caffeine should be an option in Defreggler.
  3. How do I keep my PC from slipping into the screensaver then to sleep while Defragging a drive? I know I can change all the Windows settings but, an application like Defragger should keep the PC running till it's finished without having to modify windows settings.
  4. Some time ago I created a Windows XT Virtual PC on my Windows 7 laptop. This was required since some software is not Win 7 compatible. I've installed software, spent some time with this Virtual setup. Last time I used it was ~3 months ago. Since then something has removed the Virtual PC from my system. Is there a way to tell, from registry backups, if CCleaner removed it? If so, then how to restore it?
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