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  1. current product basically gives a summary by browser. I would suggest an option to be able to see the specific trackers (and Junk files)- Len
  2. don't think this is a bug, but noticed if i run cleaner multiple times (nothing else running) it continues to find files to delete? so i can it four times in a row. FIrst time normal- deleted lots of stuff. Each of the next 3 times it found additional files to delete - not many - but I expected zero. Len
  3. just curious - ccleaner seems to run much slower under w10 than w7 - notice it most with clearing the firefox entries- may be a firefox issue - but thought i would ask. Great product BTW!
  4. SO I get a notification box for a new version, and as I trust Piriform, I just clicked install. Got a lot of new contract language but just blew thru it- big mistake. The down load from FIleHippo contained all sort of crapware - was very disappointed to see this.
  5. same issue - runnig win7 and IE9 - all sites (including ones above just sit and spin. I then switched to Chrome and exerything works fine. Conspiracy theory anyone? Len
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