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  1. Sorry to say: "false". Even if I uncheck that setting the monitoring will be up and running again!
  2. The only problem when running an older version is the annoying reminder pop up, it tells a newer version is available :-(
  3. The only way to get rid of this intrusion is downgrading to version 5.44.6575 Hopefully Piriform will correct this abuse.
  4. I decided to downgrade to version 5.44.6575 since that version has no problem in closing and stopping monitoring.
  5. Exactly same issue. The only way to stop or close Ccleaner monitoring is killing the process! I do not see any way to exit and close Ccleaner. More over even if I set "off" the "activate monitoring" it comes again "on" when I open CC again! I do NOT want Ccleaner monitoring! Please correct this bug or me and others will uninstall Ccleaner! Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.191] Ccleaner version 5.45.6611 (64 bit)
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