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  1. Winapp2.ini, you mean Hartman's Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation? I did not mean to offend anyone, nor did I mean to disrespect anyone, least of all a moderator of these forums. I am not worried about being removed from the forum, but I want it to be clear that I was only trying to be funny. I should have put an lol or a smiley face behind my comment I suppose. As for my comments on this thread.. I was told by Nergal himself to start a new thread regarding this issue, (which is new for me, having just donated and paid for my ccleaner pro and then having an issue with it). I had originally posted this on another thread that was old, and so I thought I was posting to a thread that was new, or newer anyway. Being new to this, or any forum to be honest, I am just learning how and when and where to post my questions. I feel bad if I angered anyone. I also feel bad that no one got my joke about misspelling a word, and I feel bad that no one thought my rhyme..."rude dude" was funny. Stay loose, everyone. Don't sweat the small stuff
  2. (for this OLD thread you reserected) OLD for you, new for me. Your rude, dude. And you spelled resurrected incorrectly.
  3. I would like to make a final comment on this subject, for now. We know that Ccleaner is not cleaning out Google Chrome's browsing history and other Chrome data. Until this is fixed, or a work around is established, there is always this very simple option. Before you run Ccleaner, open up your Google Chrome browser... Go to: Options Under the hood Privacy Clear browsing data and manually clear out all of the browsing data for google chrome. Then you can run Ccleaner and let it do its job for your other browsers, and other data you need cleaned out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After I read some of the possible reasons for ccleaner showing google chrome's browser as "open", and reading about uninstalling apps and themes and plugins, I went here: Options Under the Hood Content settings Plugins disable individual plugins There are a bunch of "individual" google chrome plugins that you would have to remove, if that is what you think is causing this issue. I mean, alot of them. Even if you disabled all of them, I dont think that would fix this issue. Happy New Year everyone Peace Razz
  4. Nergal, what would happen if I killed the 4 google chrome tasks that are running in my task manager? Ended them? Would I mess up something, or do you think I would then be able to use ccleaner to clean my chrome files? Bad idea? Thanks for having patience with a noob
  5. Good morning. When I run Ccleaner I get a popup asking me to "close google chrome" or Ccleaner cannot clean Chrome's browser files. My Google Chrome is always closed, as are all of my browsers, when I get this message. (see screenshot below) After some forum reading and some poking around in my computer, I found that everytime I open Google Chrome it puts a checkmark in my system configuration (msconfig), under the startup tab, into a Google Chrome exe box. (see screenshot below) If I remove that checkmark, restart my computer, and do not open Google Chrome, I can run Ccleaner and it will clean all of my browser data including Google Chrome's browsing history. But as soon as I open the Google Chrome browser, the checkmark automatically goes back into that Chrome exe box, and Ccleaner give's me the popup box again. My question is... does this happen because of a Google Chrome app or a Google Chrome plugin that I may have installed? Or, would this continue to happen just from opening Google Chrome even if I had NO app's or plugin's installed on my Google Chrome browser? (I only have a few app's installed onto my Chrome browser..Web Store, Youtube, Facebook, Google Calendar and Angry Birds. As far as I know the only plugin's running on my Chrome browser are default plugin's.) Is there a way to keep the Chrome startup exe box from being checked in "start up" when I run Google Chrome so that Ccleaner cleans all files, including Chrome files? (It seems to me that this began to happen after a Ccleaner update.....perhaps two or 3 updates back. I could be wrong about this, and Im sorry but I cannot remember what Ccleaner version I was using before this began.) I am a noob here so I thank you for taking the time to read this and for adding your thoughts. (I was asked to start a new thread with this question...I had it in the wrong forum location) Thank you, Russell
  6. Nergal, no, I though we were talking about ccleaner not allowing us to clean the google chrome files? No, I am just talking about google chrome, the browser. And the error message I am getting is because google chrome keeps running an exe file everytime I open the browser, appearing to ccleaner to be open, when in fact it is not open. Ccleaner will not clean the files of any browser that is open while running it. Would you like me to start a brand new thread regarding this issue?
  7. Same problem but with a twist. I have ccleaner v 3.14.1616. When I run my cleaner, a box pops up and says my google chrome is not closed, and so it cannot clean the files. I have no check in the box mentioned in the fix above. I have gone to msconfig, (msconfiguration) from the start menu, to see what is running at startup on my computer and google chrome is check marked in there. When I remove the checkmark I am asked to restart my computer, I do, and ccleaner cleans my chrome files. Somewhere along the line, using the chrome browser, it gets installed back into my startup files, the checkmark in google chrome returns, and ccleaner, again, will not clean chrome files. There must be a setting to remove chrome from system start up? Ive checked all of the settings in the chrome options, cannot find a way to "do not run at start up". I believe that this was not an issue 2 or 3 ccleaner updates ago. The fix you mention above does not work for me because I dont have that box checked. Perhaps I should go back, download an older version of ccleaner and disable my updates? Thanks Razz
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