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  1. dear Piriform, Would it be possible to release Recuva in other langages than English, as it is already the case for CCleaner, Deffrag and Speecy? Thank you in advance! Philippe from France
  2. dear Piriform, I just upgraded speccy to its lastest version, i.e. 1.26.698. You have been able to solve the issue of missing information on the temperature of the graphics card on my computer (see attached computer's configuration in French obtained with Speecy). That issue appeared a long time ago and is now solved. Congratulations for that! But... Yes, there is a but... It appears that the information on the temperature of the graphics card is not automatically refreshed unlike the information on the temperature of the CPU or on the temperature of the hard disk. One needs to manually refresh it through the menu command Ctrl + R). Could you please pay attention to this last remaining issue? Kind Regards, Philippe Report Speccy - PHILIPPE-TLU with comments.pdf
  3. dear Piriform, I installed the latest release of Speccy (1.24.632 64-bit) on my Acer Aspire Timeline U M5-581TG. There is no indication of the temperature of the graphics cards (NVidia GeoForce GT 640M and Intel HD Graphics 4000). Enclosed is a description of my profile. Kind Regards, Philippe PHILIPPE-TLU.txt
  4. dear All, I just installed the latest release of Speecy i.e. 1.24.632 (64 bits) on my notebook W7 64-bit, equiped with two graphics cards: Nvidia Geoforce GT 640M and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Unfortunately, the issue that appeared some time ago is not solved: the graphics cards's températures are not monitored. There is no information provided on that data. Sincerely yours, Philippe
  5. dear Dennis, Any news since our last exchange? Have a nice week-end! Philippe
  6. dear Dennis, Thank you. Wait and see! Kind Regards, Philippe
  7. dear Dennis, Well, I am not sure whether this problem comes from an update of Speccy or from an uptade of NVidia drivers and Geoforce Experience (Presently, version: 331.58 for my graphic card Geoforce 640m)... I tend to think the problem comes from the NVidia update and the loss of compatibility between the driver and Speecy when it comes to access to the graphic card's temperature... Please let me know how I could help you. Yours sincerely, Philippe
  8. dear Piriform, For the last weeks, the graphics card's temperature has stopped showing in speecy. Is there a problem with the latest Nvidia drivers? My computer's configuration is enclosed. Kind regards, Philippe Genoux PHILIPPE-TLU.txt
  9. dear Piriform, With the new release of Speccy 1.23.569, the temperature indication for graphic card is refreshed at a very low rate, as if the data communication rate to Speecy is too low. Any fix in sight? Kind Regards, Philippe Encl.: my configuration PHILIPPE-TLU.txt
  10. dear All: Sorry, I have been long to reply, but I had no notice of any reaction to my initial post. My OS is Microsoft Windows 7 - 64 bit French version, with all updates from Microsoft installed. Yes, I have uninstalled and re-installed Recuva 1.42.544 (64-bit), and the same problem arises: a message informing me that a new version (1.42.544) is available for download. This is the only Piriform software that causes this problem. CCleaner, Defrag and Speccy are trouble-free. Thanks for your help! Kind Regards, Philippe
  11. Dear Piriform: Since I upgraded to Recuva 1.42.544 (64-bit), launching Recuva keeps sending message telling me that a new upgrade is available. Similarly, opening Recuva webpage tells me that a new software is available with the version number 1.42.544 (64-bit), identical to the one that is installed on my computer. This bug doesn't affect the other Piriform softwares (CCleaner, Defraggler and Speccy). Incidently, congratulations for your products. Kind Regards, Philippe Genoux
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