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    cc 5 5050

    this is the best version I have used in 12 years
  2. newbie12345


    a simple q please. if cc cleaner professional thoroughly cleans your machine, what does the free version do in terms of cleaning 10% 50% or 100%? and what is not being cleaner in free version data please.
  3. internet explorer cache is not being cleaned by cc but is being cleaned by mcafee
  4. I am using win 7 home and after running cc it says everthing iv ticked has been deleted. Yesterday I double checked by using mcafee quick clean and it found 2348 items in internet explorer. all of these items related to cache whatever that is supposed to mean. Could anyone please explain this conundrum.
  5. congrats to hp for devising for win 8 a download which will produce the start menu and a power button. google hp quckstart power button etc. works on most other pcs
  6. hi all this is not a critique of the excellent recuva. the problem I notice is when I click secure overwrite ticked files it says it cant do that for certain files as these are in \MFT. no ,y q is why would windows 8 put in a mft stupid file from browsing the net such as a pic or a file from the yahoo main home page how can these sort of files be mft important? does any one here please know the answer to this q what criteria does win 8 use to allocate any file to the mft. thanks guys
  7. I did forget to say that if I do not wipe freespace then the next day mcafee works perfectly so there appears to be a correlation between mcafee problems after using drive wipe.
  8. on several occasions recently I have used drive wipe freesapce only. Afterwards the next morning mcafee internet security will either not download updates or install them and I have had to contact mcafee to reinstall the product 15 times in last 9 weeks. The pc has never had any problems or viruses and is regularly checked out/serviced so the only conclusion the pc world experts have suggested is that something happens when using drive wipe. Has any fellow user ever experienced this problem The mcafee anri virus box in applications is unticked so it does not touch the prosuct during normal daily cleaning. thank you.
  9. newbie12345


    Since d/l the latest version each tim ei run it , i get message defrag aborted after it runs about 70% of the defrag. I have 42gb free disk space left what do i need to do to get it working please
  10. what i should have asked is..... does the version of cc 32 or 64 apply to your type of computer or to the type of browser you are using 32 bit or 64 but?
  11. i have new netbook win7 home 64 bit. Microsoft told me i cant use ie 9 64 bit so i have to use 32 bit ie9. so if im using ie9 32 bit on a 64bit netbook, what version of cccleaner should i be using, the 32 or 64 bit version. This is proving all too much for an old old man lol, so please excuse me if this q sounds stupid.
  12. thank you all for the courtesy of replying.
  13. Whilst running the excellent recuva program i noticed that certian files could not be overwritten as they were resident in the master file table. Now some of these files were innoculous, ie they were from surfing eg ebay amazon bbc, so the question i'd like to ask you experts is.... what is the criteria that windows 7 uses to decide to make any file resident in the master file table? thanks.
  14. good morning crikey. The cause of your problem is probably due to the fact that you have ticked the macafee clean box in the application section. All you need to do is to untick the box. The mcafee clean is deleting log files, one of which tells mcafee update the state of yor system. Mcafee needs to know the state of your system before downloading updates or reinstalling your product. This is not mcafee's problem nor is it ccleaners problem. It is your problem. I have bben with mcafee 9 years and whilst it hogs resources etc etc.,it does do what it says on the tin very well. I am not claiming its the best av but itsan honest/helpful company. But now that Intel have bought it............need to keep your eye on mcafee. If you can find a better on line help company than mcafee do tell us.
  15. well guys success. to make sure cc deletes browser history securely..... go to the in private browsing box and untick deleted browsing history. apply now you find the stupid command box no longer appears and cc is allowed to do what it says on the tin securely delete browser history and all the other stuff it does. Although this was not important to me i was just determined to stop microsoft interfereing with my fav program. Belive me guys after years of trying various cleaner programs i honestly believe ccleaner is still the best for the job so............. well done ccleaner and may all your staff have a happy and trading prosperoulsy new year.
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