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  1. I agree, this should be working correctly ----- but it is not. My INI file is co-located with the executable (i.e., in the same folder). This information is in my OP.
  2. I still have not received a response from support.
  3. @Andavari - I appreciate that, thank you. So, as a paying customer, can you tell me why I get a response from a free public forum but not from support directly? This was the scenario the last time I opened a ticket also.
  4. We are using the Business Edition; not the "free" version. The proper settings are included in the INI. CCleaner is not changing them ... it is ignoring them.
  5. I created a ticket via support but have not heard back. Posting publicly in hopes someone picks this up. ================== Due to some compatibility issues with our current version of CCleaner (5.28) and Windows 10, we are forced to update to a newer version. The newer version has some options / features enabled that we want to turn off. We generated a new ccleaner.ini file and deployed the new version to some test computers. After the install, we copy our custom INI file to co-locate it with ccleaner.exe, however, CCleaner is not honoring the desired settings. My INI file has these three options configured: HelpImproveCCleaner=0 PrefsPrivacyShowOffers1stParty=0 PrefsPrivacyShareData1stParty=0 But when I go and look at these settings in the application, they do not match the settings in the INI. How do I upgrade CCleaner with these three options configured properly? I did review the information at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204045414 that talks about deploying custom settings, however, these three options do not appear in the list. Does that mean they are not supported in a managed deployment and the changes have to be made manually via the application interface? I have attached a copy of my INI file as well as a screen shot of the application settings showing they do not match the settings in the INI file. ccleaner.ini
  6. ... still struggling with this and I have received zero response from support (I did not get an acknowledgement for the ticket either so i cannot provide a ticket number here). The documentation covers a lot of information but sadly, does not cover the topic of an MSI-based installation. MSI is a standard ... it should just work. It used to work but something got broken between 5.43 and 5.44.
  7. Apologies in advance for posting this in the public forum; I don't have access to our company account to open a ticket with Piriform. We have been deploying / updating CCleaner via SCCM for years with the MSI-based install. The 5.44 update keeps failing with a result code of "1" (it should be "0") - which to SCCM is a fatal error. it will not retry. The package should create a log file but the log is empty. If I run the package manually, I have a 40% chance of it installing successfully and within that 40%, I have a 0% chance of the program actually running. As others have noticed, the program opens and immediately closes. There is nothing in the Event Log to indicate an application crash or why the program closed; It just won't run. I have tested on a "clean" install of Windows 10 (1607, 1709 and 1803) with the same result each time.
  8. If I run c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe without any options (and run the cleanup) my Jump List remains intact. If I run c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe /AUTO, the items on my Jump List disappear. Seems like a bug to me ...
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