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  1. Sorry about the question, but isn't the file itself updated anymore? Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys Actually everytime a new version of CCleaner is released, after the alternative builds shows off on the builds page, they stay some time with this problem and only a few days later I'm able to download. I was able to download now and it worked.
  3. Hello guys I've been trying to download to latest version of CCleaner (Slim build), but when I get into the download page, instead of starting the download, it redirects me to the homepage of CCleaner. Anyone getting this issue also? Thanks!
  4. Ok, what you said is fair, but the developers of CCleaner could add an option to clean these files for the people who wants (and obviously warn the user about the danger of doing it)...
  5. I loved the new CCleaner version and it's new results panel and better support for Windows 7! But it's still lacks one thing! Many programs like Notepad, Internet Explorer, Photoshop and etc, when in the Start Menu list, they have a recent files list when you hover the mouse over them! CCleaner could clean this recent files list also!! What you guys think??
  6. I forgot to say that before doing it, I've installed .NET Framework 3.0, if it makes any difference... And I tried to install the Slim CCleaner
  7. I have uninstalled the 1.36 version to install this one... But after I chose the install option, the installation program just close and nothing else happens... I already installed the visual basic runtimes, but this time it didn't help...
  8. I've downloaded the latest version of CCleaner, and after I set the instllation options, nothing happens, and the installation exits... The program is not installed... What can I do?
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