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  1. Having just tried the beta, I have to say the new GUI looks pretty awful, especially when run on a Windows 7 computer. It looks completely out of place. I am at a bit of a loss as to why Piriform decided to change the UI, it's lasted this long because there's was nothing wrong with it in the first place? TheAsian is right, flat UI's appear to be quite unpopular generally and I can't quite understand why developers try to flatten their software interfaces when the look is so disliked. It belongs on Windows 8 maybe, but certainly not Windows 7.
  2. A good addition to CCleaner which will be useful, but I think it needs to have it's own button / window (like startup / uninstall etc). It's bad enough when there's tonnes of startup items to look at without having to wade through all the IE stuff mixed in for good measure! There's obviously plenty of room to add a new button and it would make the startup section less cluttered. Thanks.
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