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  1. I've had the drive hard-mapped in Windows 10 from the get-go; that's the only way the backup programs will function. I've had no difficulties with any other programs finding my Z: drive up to now.
  2. Thanks, but as you can see from the screen shot I posted CCleaner has absolutely no problem finding my Z: drive; as I mentioned, I even installed CCleaner on it and it ran like a charm but it just did not go out and find any duplicate files. My Z: backup drive has always been directly mapped and is instantly recognized by all my other applications as just another drive on my computer; both of Windows 10's backup programs automatically copy files to it several times a day. There is definitely some problems here but drive mapping is not one of them. I'm hoping some knowledgeable support guy from Piriform (or somewhere) will be kind-enough to provide a solution here for me; as simple as this is it should work very easily.
  3. I use Unlocker (version 1.9.2) and it works pretty well but you have to be very careful. It is often recognized as malware by many antivirus programs and it can & will install unwanted crapware during its installation process if you're not extremely careful to uncheck (the Brits call it "untick") the appropriate boxes for said crapware during the install procedure.
  4. I'm running the latest version of CCleaner (5.17.5590) on Windows 10 Professional (32-bit version) and try as I might (multiple times) I cannot get the Duplicate File Finder Tool to function on my Western Digital 3TB NAS backup drive. The tool will recognize the drive and allow me to set the path statement to it (\\Drive-Z\Public\*.*) but when I execute it, it "runs" instantly without ever searching the drive and finding any files. I've even gone so far as to actually install it on the backup drive itself but it will simply not go out and find any duplicate files on it. I really need this to work because I've got hundreds of duplicate files on my backup drive which are taking up many megabytes of space that I need to recover. It works perfectly on the C: & D: drives on my computer and even recognizes the "phantom" USB memory card slots, but not my Z: drive. If somebody could just tell me how to get CCleaner to on my backup drive I would be very appreciative. By the way, I don't need any other feature of CCleaner to run on the NAS drive, just the Duplicate File Finder.
  5. Just downloaded the latest version and am trying to find the new "IE add-on manager" mentioned prominently in the Release Notes, but to no avail. Is this in the CCleaner application itself or in Internet Explorer? I have looked all over my IE 9 "Tools" Section but I can find no reference to this either. Please direct me to exactly where this new feature is and how it can be accessed and used. Thanks!
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