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  1. XP SP3, avast and Malwarebytes installed + Your Uninstaller. Everything is genuine, no pirates. I've noticed in "Your Uninstaller" that "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool KB892130" on my system is marked as corrupt I've downloaded a new WGA.exe file from http://www.download....982dcea49a0.exe with the intention of uninstalling the corrupt version then installing this download. I tried to use ccleaner to uninstall however when I select the program the "Run Uninstaller" box greys out preventing me from uninstalling. Can anyone explain why this happens. I appreciate that this program is part of the original Windows XP installation and is used to validate the authenticity of the installation. Does Windows block the uninstallation? If so would it be in order to install the new WGA.exe on top of the existing? Alternatively is there some other way of uninstalling the original?
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