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  1. Liju, performing a windows system restore to a day or two earlier may fix this. Also, consider networking your internet modem to your PC, either by using a hard-wiire (cat5 rj-45 cable) or by purchasing an inexpensive wireless router. USB internet connections are fragile and often break. Good luck.
  2. I see the following condition a lot: 1. Speed test provided by isp (internal to its domain) results in speeds at or above subscription rate. 2. External speed tests, such as toast.net or cnet.com, results in speeds markedly lower, sometimes by 50% lower or even more. Moral: once you venture past the gates or perimeter of your isp, all bets are off. What if your isp does not offer its own internal speed test utility or service? You can still measure download/upload speeds via ftp between your PC and the online storage space the isp provides for your account (many do).
  3. Good to know, Tom. I sandbox windows in vm's these days and almost exclusively use avast for these and for clients for whom I consult. I'll keep a close eye on this anomaly associated with an otherwise good product.
  4. Running opensuse 11.4. Chrome 15.0.874.121: site appears to display correctly as author intended. Contact form displays correctly. FF 8.0: Updates sidebar displays incorrectly on left-bottom, as noted by other posters. Contact form displays correctly. Cantarell font is displayed correctly in both browsers.
  5. Try booting into safe mode w/networking (press F8 key at startup just after the bios post screen for the boot selection menu). Then run a speed check again. If it runs better, then your issue involves one or more applications or processes running in normal mode. The usual suspects would be the personal firewall, antivirus, and other security software. Try temporarily disabling these items and test again. Performing a clean boot would also help (see MS help and support for instructions). Good luck.
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