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  1. check the link: http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/command-line-parameters
  2. Hey Keatah, there is options to uncheck the things you don't want to delete.... check/uncheck the things and run.
  3. Winnie, Option 1: use Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, there is Parental Control with Password protected for Profiles. After you enable all the things will be blocked. For more details: http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/kaspersky_internet_security Option 2: [Not much use full but still] use only Internet Explorer browser Set the "Content Adviser" and set password protected.
  4. Try the steps in the forum below. I tried and it worked for me: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-Windows-Genuine-Advantage-Notifications and after that try again installing WGA it should work.
  5. Ya i too noticed, if we run the second time it will show thumbnails cache deleted. not in the first run.
  6. Hey CCleaner cleans the Obsolete and other invalid entries, uninstalled programs- old pointing locations because its old and the new program will not use the same its obsolete. I checked the file attached: here when you run any application there will be a temp registry entry for running the application successfully, after closing the application the registry entry made by the application is invalid, that's why its coming in the reg-clean. nothing to worry its only cleaning the unwanted. I am using CCleaner for last 3 yrs and my PC didn't got any issues rather it made faster by removing all unnecessary and invalid, obsolete reg entries.
  7. Hey thanx for the reply guys..... but the issue is different, yesterday i checked the USB driver registry key and it is corrupted and i am not able to delete or modify the same. Is there any way to edit/fix the registry errors. I tried with System Restore but no luck it got terminated with errors. and now I am able to connect external storage devices after uninstalling the USB Mass storage device from Device Manager. but not the USB modem/CD Drive. Actually BSOD comes only when i was using the USB Internet device... i think because for last two days BSOD didn't thrown. PC was working 24/7 for 2 days. PC Configurations: Windows 7 32bit. Dell Laptop No USB Hub, directly connected to PC.
  8. Hi My PC Crashed with BSOD when i was using my USB Internet. After the resart my PC, non of the USB devices are detecting like CD/DVD, USB Internet etc. What went wrong. In device Manager the two devices(CD Drive and USB Internet modem) is shown under CD Drive and with a Yellow exlamation(!) mark. I uninstalled the driver but no luck. Can anybody help me. Do i need to Reinstall OS or any fix is available. Thank you Liju C
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