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  1. no i dont use cleaner.ini - setting is "E:\Downloads\*.*", include files and subfolders - i dont even know what "HD or SSD?" means. Yeah we established that several days ago and have moved on, but i do want to say theres no need to say it as if only an idiot would even think it worked that way. If you wipe the free space through the "Tools - Drive Wiper" route then you get an option to choose the number of passes. So any normal person would assume that through the "Options - Settings" route the number of passes would also apply to free space. Even if that werent so, theres no reason to
  2. as i stated in my opening post, drive E is simply a small partition. its on my main drive. i only have the one physical drive. i'm pretty sure the connection is IDE, its just a standard, basic installation (if this is important and i need to check i'd need advice on how to) and the file system is NTFS
  3. ok i installed Recuva, wiped the partitions free space with a program called Eraser to have a clean start and then used my test file as previously (copied it into a custom delete folder on that partition and ran ccleaner on 35 passes). The file was no longer in the folder when looking for it normally. Recuva recovered the file perfectly, its a movie and i could watch it. so it seems that secure deletion isnt being applied to custom inclusions. on a side note: perhaps a simple line of text at the "Wipe Free Space" settings - stating that its single pass only - would avoid any confu
  4. thnx for your input kroozer. ive now investigated further and the previous version does exactly the same. ive also more worrying findings on "secure" file deletion with the current version. using a test file of 676MB which i repeatedly copied into a custom delete folder (with hindsight i could have copied into the TIF folder but the principle is the same) i ran the cleaner at various overwrite settings and got the following results which should speak for themselves (note i repeated each setting several times and reproduce here the most common result): CLEANING COMPLETE - (0.777 secs)
  5. I'm not sure if this is only in this version but thats somewhat irrelevant. when "wipe free space" is selected in the main selection window and cleaner is run, it takes the same amount of time to clean regardless of the number of passes selected. i have a tiny 2.8gig partition [Temp (E:)] which houses my TIF and Cache and downloads etc, and i routinely wipe the free space with 3 passes. after updating it seemed considerably faster than previously so i decided to check it out. it takes approx 46 seconds whether using "normal file deletion" or using "secure file deletion" with any number of
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