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  1. happy thanksgiving... here is what i did * waited to it hung up & gave me error message * went to file & moved it to recycle bin, turned my scan to simple [temporarily] * ran ccleaner again * hung up again on same file [some friggin .TXT file] * deleted friggin .TXT file from recycle bin [as ccleaner hangs up on it] * ran ccleaner again... NO problems * changed scan config back, ran ccleaner again... NO problems * tested numerous times with NO problems CONCLUSION: some kind of corrupted .TXT file in name/local settings/temp that caused hang up & manual removal cured it... any changes will keep u posted
  2. this has happened twice today... whats up with this... never had a problem ever & always update bad allocation CCleaner v3.12.1572 MS Windows XP Professional SP3 AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.2GB RAM RADEON 9250 ID=-1 PR=0 DA= RK= RU=29 CK=0 SK= VK= VA=N_TEMP_DIRS CR=89 PF=0 EI=0 FL=103 IIT=0 FI=-1 SI=0
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