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  1. CCleaner is the firs progrma i install on a computer when i sit down to work at it and clean it up. But many times i have no clue what programs are in the unistall list, and it would be nice if there was a database that would load inforamtion so i could new what they did, perhaps the maker, install date, reference website, and a small desctiption
  2. Ok i have been a ccleaner forever and is one of the first things i put on any fresh install computer or a computer that i am cleaning. 2 Things i would like to see added to furture releases. First a hot key, if possible keyboard short cut to run the cleaner. (ex. Ctrl Shift C) Second the ability to add personal folders to the cleaner. If I want to have it clean out a specific temp folder that is not put in. I do alot of video editing and it would be nice to be able to clean out my scratch folder with the click of a few keys... but the whole folder and all sub dir's. Sam
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