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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks so much for your help. She got everything back. ^^ It (MiniTool Partition Wizard) had restored the files back as hidden so I enabled view hidden files/folders and they were all there. Thanks heaps for your suggestions!!
  2. it is an external drive (iomega) and she did "wipe free space (3 pass)" Fortunately we had a great idea, try to use recuva to get the photos off her sd cards (these are just formatted) so far we got back about 30% of the sd card photos. (recuva got some back but most were corrupt)
  3. Please I am desperate for help. My mum is a professional photographer, her hdd was failing so she used CCleaner by piriform to do what she thought was like a defrag and totally wiped her hdd (3 pass). She has tried many free recovery programs to no luck. She had weeks of unedited/edited and not given to client yet (nearly 300 gb of photos) and thousands of dollars of losses. Is there any way to recover the lost photos at all.
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