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  1. Good heavens, @Alan_B, no! You didn't understand a thing I'm saying. I said that on the machines where I did not even touch C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp folder - it remained uncleaned for years! Access time there was probably as old. I certainly still more have such machines now, but @Andavari's workaround will provide a temporary fix. It is just that it is obnoxious to search through all users, all IE, Firefox and other browser caches and temp dirs manually when machine is i.e. 98% clogged on C: drive. I wrote out of desperation. Thanks anyway. mt
  2. Yep. This will be a serious effort on N computers I maintain, so I will probably use it just on disk clogged machines, but it is better than going from user to user and folder to folder each time. Thanx. mt
  3. I see. Pity at least Firefox & IE cache cannot be cleansed for all users, or can it? I am not sure any longer. Thanx mt
  4. Good point, Alan_B, but files in my original folder were left from 2009 and probably not touched (i.e. inst_KB######.log or something). Thanx anyway. Mt
  5. Yep, this works. But I filled experimentally folder with files from 2009 (obviously older than 24 hrs) - and they remained despite being "older than 24 hours". BTW, how could I make Ccleaner clean up "Local Settings\Temp" dirs from all users? Thanx Mt
  6. Hi I have currently a great problem with Piriform CCleaner latest version, After "Analyze" it showed something like 2.5 GB tmp files to remove, but when "Run Cleaner" was started, only something like 50 MB was actually deleted. This information is often different, giving false hopes that a big resource hog is about to be removed. Any idea why this happens? Also, is there a utility to clean Firefox cache and Windows TMP files (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp\*.*) of all users, since they are obnoxious to delete from user to user. T
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