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  1. Thanks very much ~ I will do this. Curious though why I was always able to get it to zero before when I had this problem. I didn't try to uninstall and reinstall the upgraded programs, as I've done in the past, as too many programs updated and I was just overwhelmed. Appreciate you very much!
  2. I'm not exactly sure, but when I look at the files, I find "system volume information", then a very long number, followed by every program that I have accessed.
  3. My problem is similar in that after any program upgrades, my drive won't defrag 100%. Up until the last 2 days, I would uninstall the program, reinstall and then I would get 100% defrag. Not this time though. So I tried the defrag at boot time instructions and while it said 0% when done I could still see the red clusters. I then went back to the normal settings and I have 17% that isn't defragged and the file is 7.3 GB. What now? Thanks for your help.
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