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  1. Defraggler and CCleaner in one application, the two together would be a great success, cleaner defragment disks and mistakes, good is a very good suggestion, it would be very grateful if this happens, if the two could call it unique DefragCleaner, CCleanDefrag or something still thank you.
  2. I wonder if I can translate it to Brazilian Portuguese and getting it to download right here on the forum, thanks.
  3. PORTUGUÊS DO BRASIL: Olá, quero saber se preciso de permissão para editar o arquivo WinApp2.ini, para traduzi-lo para o idioma Português do Brasil, pois quero ajudar aos que necessitam de assistência do mesmo, estarei muito grato em ajudar todos vocês, muito obrigado. Lucas Macedo e Silva. ENGLISH: Hello, I wonder if I need permission to edit WinApp2.ini to translate it to the Portuguese language in Brazil, because I want to help those who need assistance the same, I am very grateful to help you all, thank you. Lucas Macedo e Silva.
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