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  1. Hello Mr. Moderator, Are you kidding me or what? I never asked for "your" help! I simply reported a bug under the "Report a Bug" category. My expectation is that someone (with authority would investigate, test, and fix the problem) after reading my bug report. So, what do I get? I get someone (without any authority) asking me to retest the next version to "see if it happens again." Now, if you would have told me that a fix had been applied, then I might have reacted differently and tried a retest. You also confirmed that this is just a community forum, and if so, why have a specific
  2. Thank you Smartyx71, I couldn't have said it any better myself! Regards, pagroundhog
  3. I ran just the cleaning section with the default settings and; no, I do not want to retry a later version (but thank you anyway). You should be able to test this yourself and report the results accordingly.
  4. Hello all, After running CCleaner64 (v3.11.0.1550) 64-bit, I started getting event logs indicating that the Windows 7 Search Service could not start due to courruption. These logs did not go away upon reboot so I downloaded a Microsoft "Fix it" program to "Fix Windows Search When it Crashes or is Not Showing Results." So, I ran it and it reported that it fixed the corrupted Windows 7 Search Service. Thereafter, the logs stopped. FYI
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