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  1. I was having this problem ever since the Windows 10 update to v1803. As mentioned earlier, the fix that has worked for me is to turn off Microsoft Edge in the Start button>Settings icon>Privacy link and on the left side scroll down to Background apps and turn off Microsoft Edge. Here a link that explains how: https://windowsreport.com/microsoft-edge-always-running/ So far this has worked for me. JUST REMEMBER TO RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AFTER performing the steps above before cleaning again to see if it works in stopping CCleaner from popping up that Microsoft Edge needs to be clo
  2. I too am experiencing CCleaner v5.20.5668 now not cleaning Edge. I am running W10 64-bit with the Anniversary Upgrade and the Cumulative Update posted this week. The Cumulative Update did not fix the issue. I tried uninstalling CCleaner and reinstalling with no luck. CCleaner states, as I begin to run CCleaner, that Edge is running, yet I never use Edge! Sometimes CCleaner shows a popup asking me if I want to close Edge and I say 'Yes' (and never set it to remember, BTW) and the results never show that Edge was cleaned. Sometimes it shows Edge was 'Skipped' or there is nothing listed in t
  3. Hello, After many various tests, it seems certain that CCleaner v 5.11.5408, after running CCleaner on my 64-bit Windows 10 PC, is causing the Windows Store to show that I have as avaiable for download/update the following 2 items: Microsoft .Net Native Framework Package 1.0 Microsoft .Net Native Runtime Package 1.0 From my many tests, the Windows Store will never show these 2 items needing to be installed if I do NOT use CCleaner, only until I decide to run CCleaner that the Windows Store shows them as avaiable for download, however they may not show immediately as being avaiable
  4. I also HATE to new GUI !! It blinds you with too much white and the fonts are to small to see well against the bright white. The old GUI is sooooo much better than v5! Please revert back to the old GUL or a least improve the overall look with more bolder colors!!
  5. Hello, I have CCleaner v4.14.4844 on (2) Windows 8.1 PC's and CCleaner is not completely removing the files in the Recycle Bin after a clean even though the Recycle Bin on the desktop shows being empty. But when I immediately re-run the program it shows the same amount as before as being removed. I have verified this on both PC's. What is the problem/fix? wtd3
  6. Hello, I am using the latest version of CCleaner v3.28.1913 64-bit on a Windows 8 Desktop PC and I cannot restore (Merge) by registry backups. I am getting the following error (see attachment) What is the problem? Please help. Thanks!
  7. Exactly my problem and waiting for an answer like you as to what is causing the cleaning time increase. Anyone know?
  8. Hello, I just upgraded from version 3.11.1550 to the latest version 3.12.1572 and have always forever used the 35-pass deletion process. Now with the latest version the 35-pass delete process takes FOREVER!! Even the single pass is a lot slower. I did not change any setting from the previous version or add more things to delete/clean. To trouble shoot the issue, I tried uninstalling CCleaner and reboot my pc and reinstalling CCleaner and it is still taking forever to delete stuff. Next I tried uninstalling CCleaner again and rebooting my PC and then installing the previous version prior to
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