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  1. I have seen this banter in previous forums with you leading the charge...not going into a "technician experience" scenario with ya..... Pull my card, go to my site......1989...I'm an old f___....and the tone he injected was far from constructive...consider it from a customer service perspective and you just may see it in a different light...but you enjoy yourself ya hear!!
  2. Dlink Router Firewall and XP software wall. Additionally all my machines are multihomed(dual network cards with an internal network for friendly in-house traffic and sharing) The external adapter(to the wild, wild web has NetBIOS and the Microsoft Client disabled.) This was and is an old NT practice. Mom always said to wear your raincoat Interesting poll and forum. Very hard to imagine one could be connected to the web without taking any precautions......."there can be only one."
  3. Some have it and some don't...yet. It is my understanding these forums are meant to be...ah....constructive? The user has issues with spyware and without experience they will make your head spin...remember the days?
  4. Sounds like you have a deep rooted, dll based, winlogonNotify based spyware...just a hunch. What type of files are being generated in your temp directorie(s)?
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