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  1. Great Idea but Deflaggler should use RAM for shuffling first.
  2. Same old suggestion. Move FOLDer to largest contiguous free space for BEST performance. ( least head movement ) Deflaggler is abandoned program ?
  3. Feature to MOVE Folder to the start of the Largest Free Space. This would locate all the files/folders in a FOLDER to a continuous block at the beginning of free-space.
  4. Would be nice to select a file and force defragmentation by fragmenting a non excluded larger file(s) to access continuous space.
  5. That only moves the fragmented files if I select MOVE TO BACK OF DRIVE. That actually disperses the folder files. I would like to MOVE the complete folder to the end of the drive. Both fragged and defragged files of the selected folder. Thanks.
  6. It might be nice to move the complete Folder NOT just the fragmented files.
  7. ~ Choose Folder/File to move to largest continuous free space ~ Have a feature to select a folder or file to move to the beginning of the largest free space block. Thanks
  8. Move Folder/File to front of disk would be a huge charm. Please implement feature to move Folders/Files to choose location on drive.
  9. ~ Drive Map has single line of blocks ~ There use to be multiple rows of blocks in Drive Map, now there is ONLY a single line. Is there a setting or fix ? Thanks
  10. While Defragglering: 1. select location on Defragglering Map to move selected Folders or Sub-folders. 2. select folder(s) to NOT move.
  11. It would be nice to be able to move a folder to the beginning of FREE space and also to exclude a folder from moving. Thank U
  12. There should be a button to move those files from "End of Drive" to "End of Front Data".
  13. Is there a way to manually move those files that were "moved to end of drive" with the rest of the files at the beginning/front of drive ?
  14. Then how does it work ? Will those files always be located that the end of drive ?
  15. Function that will move highlighted/selected files to beginning, middle after beginning files or end of drive. Thanks
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