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  1. Well that's easy. Thanks so much. The only things showing after an analysis are the fragmented files, right? alan
  2. I just installed defraggler but can't find out how to select fragmented files so as to avoid an entire defrag. I see that there are some files that could be defragged but how do you tell what they are? Thanks alan
  3. New beta now shows that cookies are cleaned. Thanks alan
  4. CCleaner beta doesn't seem to clean the cookies at all. I am using SeaMonkey(Mozilla) and Win XP. alan
  5. New beta works fine and no issues with secure delete. Thanks so much! alan
  6. It's very much a beta and I'm not sure if it is necessary to uninstall v1xx. alan
  7. Thanks for the speedy response(as usual). alan
  8. Read MrG's 1st post
  9. I have checked "automatically check for updates" but CCleaner doesn't. Anyone else? Thanks alan
  10. I don't think that it is really "needed". It is a freeware application that you may, of course, donate to if you value it. Maybe you could donate the software needed to do the kind of update that you mention alan
  11. I really do know what CCLeaner is Why would you think that cleaning up the location/address bar needs a spyware remover? alan
  12. I hoping that with the next version, CCleaner will wipe the location bar of SeaMonkey. What are the chances? Thanks alan
  13. Well thanks Andavari, but I think I'm over my head on this one alan
  14. I switched from Mozilla to SeaMonkey and just installed CCleaner. I think it's a great program (i defected from Webroots WindowsWasher). I do notice that it doesn't clean the address bar. Any suggestions? alan
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