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  1. Hi If I set CCleaner to clean temporary files for Office applications, i.e. check Office nnnn under Applications, it clears out my Pinned Documents lists in all the office programs too. Any way I can have my cake and eat it -- lose the temp files but not the prinned documents?
  2. H'mmmm, thanks for the suggestion. Well I did that and it is now REPORTING 2% fragmentation. But all the files that have large numbers of fragmens (mostly Kaspersky files and Kaspersky temporary files) are still there and fragmented -- just niot being reported. So it seems to me this just hides the level of fragmentation -- it doesn't actually get the disk any less fragmnented ?? And I've never used these settings previously.
  3. Hi, I am a long time user and firm believer in both Defrag and CCCleaner. BUT.. I am trying to defrag the system disk (C:) on a PC running Windows Vista Business SP1, AV is Haspersky Internet Security 2012. I don't normally disable AV when I defrag but I have tried that on this system with no positive affect. It was something arounf 46% fragmented but after the following actions: Ran CCleaner to clean up Temp files and Registry 10 'normal defrags' a boot time defrag (which actually resulted in Defraggler reporting a higher fragmentation level than before the boot time degraf) a further 10 defrags defrag the files list Another Defrag During the last defrag, the number of fragmented files fell from 149 to 76, No. of total fragments from 738 to 308 but the framentation only fell to 29% Never had this issue before with defraggler which normally finishes with a very low % after a few defrags. Any ideas anyone?
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