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  1. Thank you all for your fast and helpful replies! They include good hints for the use of CCleaner Super Fasts post helped me most, because I could find all those files, even with their original file name in C:\$RECYCLE.BIN using my FTP program to search for them, because I know it shows ALL files that exist on my HDD. Having deleted the first file already gave back all lost space to me The ZZZZZzzzzzZZZ.zzz files I mostly knew from my restoring program, those are mostly the broken ones ... Still, that method was the best one and I'm really thankful you could help me not having to finally reinstall my entire computer system!
  2. Hey there, I even registered on here because this problem is messing me up. I deleted some bigger and some smaller files, using CCleaner. I am using Win7 32bit on a self-built RAID 1 computer system. I had some files as big as 45GB to be deleted even. It took ages to delete them, so the Gutmanning process was interrupted several times. No matter if I shutdown my computer manually after 2 days of overwriting or if my antivirus software did it for an update ... CCleaner went on with the same files when I restarted later. But somehow, which didn't ever happen when I used WinXP or Win7 64bit, CCleaner is not making my HDD empty, but making it more and more full. It's definitely the program because the value stays constant until I start the deleting process. So finally, it changed between 35GB to 0Byte of empty HDD space on my C: partition. This is completeley messing me up, especially because my system now is not running correctly any more because of a lack of Cache memory. And ... when I think that before I started it, only about 360 of my 930GB were used, I even get mad. I had that with another 1TB HDD before, but an external one. This could be backed up and re-formatted easily, but I can forget about that with my Windows Partition. What could I do when I don't want to reinstall my entire system? The internal Windows functions could make 1.4 empty GB again, but that's not really a development on my C: drive. Thanks for your help! Grtz
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