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  1. ok this is solved, was just very slow (file was totally sprinkle). 1gb is fine with 8 gb of ram ?
  2. so... why not being able to move some big system file at the begin/end of the partition. if the user has a config that makes these file keep the same size, it could make the compact free space function faster (no more need to move 20GB ^^). probably a stupid idea, but just wondering...
  3. hi, i'm using defraggler 2.07.346 (64bits). threre are 2 (linked?) troubles : my 2 western blue caviat disks are detected as ssd (afaik, i didn't bought 1.5t of ssd ^^). it s build on P8P67 (with AHCI enabled) when i defragment at boot time (for pagefile.sys...) my screen just block when defragmenting pagefile (maybe i didn t wait enougth... i just wait around 10 minutes...but it's a 8gb file...). i need to press F8 at boot and run on last configuration that works (a windows fonctionnality) no idea ? sorry for my english ...if it can't be called so
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