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  1. I think I may have a possible solution for this problem if anyone is paying attention. Sorry if it has already been dealt with, but I recently had this same problem. I decided to use an old program to wipe the drives called ncleaner, because it has a scheduler. I use a wake from standby program to start CCleaner, but I wanted the extra flexibility of being able to schedule the wipes separately. Well, the restore points started to immediately disappear. Thanks to CCleaner I was able to catch the problem immediately. Here's the theory (one of three things): 1. ncleaner uses a wipe technique that registers with CCleaner as used drive space and then with Windows=>the restores are deleted over a space issue 2. ncleaner and CCleaner running at the same time causes the problem 3. Some other problem associated with having separate programs clean and wipe I uninstalled ncleaner, and the problem immediately went away...at least for now. I have checked twice Don't know if the empty recylcle bin could also cause problems, because I have never used the feature. I prefer to empty it manually...
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