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  1. Perhaps it would be easier and more appropriate to have it unticked/turned off by default (during and after installing/upgrading). The option seems to be rather unnecessary, especially that CC goes to startup programs automatically which, I think, should be avoided.
  2. OK, thanks a lot! I use Firefox also because of its add-ons; IMHO, now FF is much better than a few (say, two) years ago...
  3. yes, thank you, perhaps also Online Armor\Cache\*.* BTW, what about the files from Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\pending and other files from the catalog 'Crash Reports'?
  4. is there any chance to clean Online Armor and Spyware Doctor (+ SD with Antivirus) with CCleaner?
  5. thank you both for a very quick reply and help! yes, there is a little delay for the options regarding Chrome, so I didn't notice them, and simply pressed the install button. OK, now everything works perfectly as before. Many thanks once again!
  6. Hi, yesterday I tried to install the new version of CCleaner (3.11). Unfortunately, some other programs were installed together with it, e.g., the Chrome browser. Such a situation has never happened before. After installing CCleaner, I uninstalled Chrome, because I don't need it (I devoted really much time to configure Firefox with properly working add-ons, etc.). Then, the three shortcuts for Firefox appeared on the desktop, IExplorer unexpectedly started, and eventually I was not able to use Firefox at all. Only the system restore helped me to return from this nightmare. So, the question is: how to install CCleaner alone, without any other program? Anybody could help, please?
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