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  1. (Doesn't CCPro paid include product support, not community?) Use dupe files finder, check files to be deleted, click DELETE. Almost none (perhaps none) of selected files are deleted. System Restore is blank. CCPro. Windows 10
  2. Thank you. I'm also running 10. Whose default is "restore disabled," Windows or CC? Can it be enabled? I feel like I paid for something with CC Pro that I'm not getting.
  3. System Restore on my CC Pro doesn't show any restore points.
  4. Nukecad--Downloading 5.8 from that site worked. I appreciate your help.
  5. I downloaded from the CC site I found when I googled. I'll uninstall CC and try the link hazelnut suggests. Will report results. Thank you Nukecad and hazelnut.
  6. Windows 10. I tried uninstalling Free CC and reinstalling as 5.8. It won't.
  7. When I "Analyze Registry" CC comes up with two full pages of identified issues (about 50). I "Fix all selected issues" and they disappear. But the same 50 issues (or almost the same) reappear when I again analyze the registry. Attached are screenshots.
  8. I first posted this in Cleaner Suggestions by mistake. When I do a registry scan, many items are listed as "failed." Also, after I click Fix Selected (all), the screen clears. But almost all the items reappear in the next scan, even if it's just minutes later. The large number of "failed," and the large number of "fixed" that reappear, concern me. Suggestions very welcome. Thank you.
  9. When I run CC Registry, it finds more than two pages of issues. (See attch files) I click Fix Selected Issues and they all disappear. But with few exceptions, they are still there when I scan the Registry again. . Also, note the many where it says "failed." What failed? I've been told there often are a few items that repeat; this large number, and the "failed" concern me. Should I be? Thank you
  10. Thanks,Kroozer and Andavari. For most of the 33 hours, Piriform was the only thing actively in use. I didn't shut down everything else that was running in the background, nor disable the anti-virus. To do all those things would be a lot, I trust you agree. Also, there's nothing saying they're necessary. I can't transfer files to another drive because I don't have one. Please don't take this personally, but if all that needs to be done to get a timely 1-pass wipe, it isn't worth it. (By the way, can forum be set so that the quesioner is notified when there's been a response?)
  11. It took 33 hours to accomplish a free-space one-pass wipe. Free-space had 2386MB. That seems like a long time. Is it about right? (Windows 7, CPU: Intgel Moblie Core 2 Duo T6500 @ 2.10GHZ; Ram: 4.00 GB Dual-channel DDR3@666MHz.)
  12. Chrome is the default browser. (MSN browser automatically used for emails). Windows 7. v3.1.2.157z 64-bit. Thanks for the welcome. Can my questions be set so that I receive an email notice when there's been a reply to a question?
  13. After running Ccleaner, I would check Options, Cookies, to see in the left column if there were cookies I want to keep. Cookies no longer appear in the left column. I do much web surfing and visiting sites. I can't believe Ccleaner no longer finds any cookies. "Cookies" are checked as one of the things to be scanned.
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