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  1. (Doesn't CCPro paid include product support, not community?) Use dupe files finder, check files to be deleted, click DELETE. Almost none (perhaps none) of selected files are deleted. System Restore is blank. CCPro. Windows 10
  2. Thank you. I'm also running 10. Whose default is "restore disabled," Windows or CC? Can it be enabled? I feel like I paid for something with CC Pro that I'm not getting.
  3. System Restore on my CC Pro doesn't show any restore points.
  4. Nukecad--Downloading 5.8 from that site worked. I appreciate your help.
  5. I downloaded from the CC site I found when I googled. I'll uninstall CC and try the link hazelnut suggests. Will report results. Thank you Nukecad and hazelnut.
  6. Windows 10. I tried uninstalling Free CC and reinstalling as 5.8. It won't.
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