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  1. Bumping this cause why start a new thread for the same issue? This still exists with the latest CCleaner, 4.07.4369. I have a bit more new light on it. The AMD k6 series is a i586, has no SSE or cmov instructions (among others). See: https://en.wikipedia...uction_listings And this issue still only happens when cleaning SQLite libraries (Firefox and Thunderbird). Both of which I just still clean using their built in functions. edit I've also updated Firefox and Thunderbird since last posted in this thread. Running Firefox 25.0 and Thunderbird 24.1.0. If it is an issue outside of Ccleaner then I'd at least like to report it to Mozilla, but I'd need to know. edit2 I just sent in another bug report using the built in Ccleaner one that pops up after the crash.
  2. Huh, so I guess as long as you have Thunderbird or Firefox it's going to crash as they both use SQLite databases to store junk. So it really is something to do with the way CCleaner deals with cleaning SQLite databases. I don't know, I guess we're just going to have to un-check everything to do with Firefox in CCleaner and just manually clear everything ourselves for the time being. If it weren't for him starting the thread I doubt I would had even considered our CPUs being common ground, and for that matter I probably wouldn't had reported having the issue. Again, that's not to justify his behavior though. I don't doubt it is a harder bug to pinpoint as it only happens on our older system, and the 3 of us who have posted in this thread are probably the only people around with old Socket 7 mainboards. Meaning, I doubt you guys have such an old system to reproduce/troubleshoot the bug on.
  3. Not to justify his behavior but instead attempting to understand it: I wonder if he's foreign and has been using an online translator to read and post replies. Yo. So I take it you're using an AMD K6 family cpu/what are your specs? And I take it you're also using Thunderbird as well? MrT said in a message to me that maybe it's something corrupt with Thunderbird, as that is what is causing the crashes (at least in my case) Here's the message: See, when you check "Mozilla/Cookies" it also clears stuff with Thunderbird. I didn't try anything myself, but maybe you should try uninstalling Thunderbird just to see what happens (as maybe the Thunderbird SQLite databases/.sqlite are corrupted). Personally I think it's just something buggy in the way CCleaner tries to clean it and the problem is with CCleaner. I think it's also just another bug our aging systems are getting prone to. As I said before, very few people are taking account for our older systems when writing modern software (especially more so with the arrival of 8 core CPUs and the like). I can't even install and run Java 6/Java7, or Directx 9 updates. I'm just glad I'm at least able to run Firefox and Adobe Flash 11. SQLite libraries, according to what I've read on Wikipedia:"Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird store a variety of configuration data (bookmarks, cookies, contacts etc.) in internally managed SQLite databases, and even offer an add-on to manage SQLite databases."
  4. Thought I'd post an update for those wondering. It's not Firefox cleaning that's causing it; it's Thunderbird. (Thunderbird is also cleaned when Mozilla Firefox is checked). MrT claims it's something to do with the SQLite libraries. He says he'll let me know if they're able to come up with a solution. Needless to say though, the latest version 3.11.1550 still crashes for me.
  5. I know where the .dmp files are suppose to go, but it really wasn't generating anything. I ended up having to use "User Mode Process Dumper Version 8.1" to finally get a .dmp to generate. I just hope that method works well enough to work for him (if it somehow doesn't generate a .dmp with enough information or the like).
  6. I'm also PMing MrT. Magi, I wasn't able to find any .dmp generated by CCleaner on my hard drive. So don't be surprised if you can't find one either. And like I said in my PM: "I narrowed it down to 3 settings which cause the crash: Firefox/Mozilla- Internet History Cookies Compact Databases Simply analyzing "Cookies" causes the crash, but I am able to analyze "Internet History" and "Compact Databases". If any of those 3 are checked while trying to clean however, any one of those can cause the crash" The last working version of CCleaner for me was 3.08.1475. EDIT Wait, am I suppose to create a INI file to get CCleaner to generate a .dmp? EDIT2 Ah, never mind. That's just to set whether or not "Memory Dumps" should be cleaned.
  7. Same exact issue, same family of CPU. Pulls the same error while attempting to clean Firefox. The thread tried to execute an invalid instruction CCleaner v3.11.1541 MS Windows XP Home SP3 AMD-K6-III Processor (My CPU is actually a AMD K6 III+ 550Mhz) 512MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (PCI Version) And I'm using Firefox 7.0. It's a growing trend with modern software I'm noticing; they always seem to want at least a more modern processor with an SSE instruction. Probably a lot of developers forget that there's still quite a few old CPUs that will still run Windows XP, and if they're running XP then the user is going to try and run modern software written for it. Obviously you don't have this problem with even more ancient hardware which can't handle anything over Windows 98: the kernel prevents anything remotely modern to run. Magi, I can't even update Directx without an "invalid instruction" error. Windows XP loses Windows Update support (I think in 2014) anyhow, so it's just a matter of time before even keeping around these old boxes for simple internet usage becomes impractical. Then at best we're going to have to swap over to some light weight linux distros. That's not to say I don't have a better computer already, I use a Phenom II X4 940 with a nvidia 480 in my main rig. It's still fun messing around with these older machines though.
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