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  1. I am using - Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit -CCleaner v3.10.1525 - McAfee AntiVirus plus I will look into the things you mentioned.
  2. Today I installed CCleaner and after using it to clear cookies and temp files (ie: regular cr@p), I decided to wipe the free space on my hard drive, the reason I downloaded CCleaner. I went to: Tools > Drive Wiper > Free space only/ Simple Overwrite (1 pass), selected (D:) and clicked Wipe. My data (D:) has about 260GB of free space, so I expected quite a long time of overwriting. However, at first the percentage bar was increasing rather rapidly, but the remainting time was also increasing (instead of decreasing). After a while, it changed to: .....MB of 200MB. That num
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