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  1. Sorry Corona, I guess, Power Member, Corona, a rose by any name is still a rose. Thanks again.
  2. Dear Mr Andavari, Thank you, so much for informing me, that the software is free and including FileHippo.com... Since, I'm new to this site. I wrote my answer on the post of your answer and it appears you were not aware of my response of most sincere gratefulness for your intervention, I thank you, so very much... To Power Member: I included an experience I had the day before with an other program, and had resolve the problem myself. and I was still shaking in my boots over it, and I apologize, for my ranting, I didn't mean for it to be so. But beyong that, I do sincerely thank you for taking an interest and your responds that it was free software w/no strings... To Nergal: Thank you, no one on this site as a first visitor, said it was free software, you're right, therefore I didn't presumed on my own that it was free, though as I said, in my post " Yahoo Answers, said it was, and that is why I was here in the first place... Which Mr Andavari, resolved expertly. I appreciate, your expertise, and information on the application of the software, you were very kind, thank you, again. I will consider, this topic concludeded and resolved. Most grateful and sincerely, in your debt. 4 LOVE
  3. I am guessing, that here is where I am to post a reply? Most Sincerely, very grateful, and I'm going to visit filehippo.com Thanks, we poor people, thank you, all...
  4. Sorry, I'm buffle, if this is true. I dwnloaded, a program, w,s,remain nameless,and after scanning wanted money to fix errors, meanwhile, my computer, didn't work after, their scan. It has left me, scared but still ..... I appolized, for making the question,but No one, said it was free on this site... Yahoo Answers, Said it was. But, since, my experience, I would rather hear it from THE BULLETIN BOARD ADMINISTRATOR. BTW- I'm totally new,and have read all your rules, and hope I'm walking straight. Most Sincerely, 4 LOVE...
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