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  1. Firefox 7 breaks all the add-ons so is pretty useless for my needs. I was hoping that CCleaner would just see it is old Firefox and just clean it up, espcially the cookies, but it doesn't . I did find how to add lines to the ccleaner.ini file to add Waterfox and other Mozilla based browsers, but here's my problem. I cannot find ccleaner.ini anywhere on my PC. Where is it? Any help with this issue overall appreciated.

  2. Also do you have Secure Deletion enabled, and do you have Wipe Free Space enabled? Wipe Free Space alone could add that amount of time very easily.


    Secure Deletion is not enabled. Wipe Free Space is enabled for the C: partition, which only contains OS essentials and no data or programs, but it was set that way for 3.09 also. I didn't chamge any options. just upgraded over the older version.


    When I get a chance I'll try it again.

  3. I think you are going to have to give a bit more info such as which operating system you use and what service pack you have installed.


    Where did you download it from?


    Have you rebooted lately?


    Anything big in your recycle bin?


    OS is Win 7 Pro x64. SP1 with all updates. Downloaded from Piriform. Rebooted to now avail. The recycle bin is not the problem. It's the Firefox cache where it was scanning one file very several minutes.

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