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  1. Word. Id rather stick to alpha versions of flashplayer.
  2. ouch thats bad news^^ Well seems like comodo antivirus still stays something one should better not install. As always, as long as it provides me good results and good testing results, i will stick to antivir and MBAM against malware.
  3. Comodo Threatfire Avira and guard MBAM Superantispyware Spybot Spywareblaster and for occasional anti-rootkit and other scans: VBA32check TDSkiller for surfing: OpenDns and the 2 addons: NoScript, and Better Privacy. All costfree software. And if u ask me about security general: various extra windows settings, disabling unneeded stuff or specially threatposing things like: DCOM, uPnP, RPC nameservice, media sensing, windows data and print share, remote access, telnet, remote registry etc. etc. the list is long. After all my experience my personal tip: the best security you will only gain under linux, I dont wanna explain in detail cause it would get 2 long, but this far exceeds any protection thats even POSSIBLE under any windows version. If possible get a second harddisk, set your bios to give you the choice to boot between 2 hardisks at startup, 1 is windows, 1 is linux. Use the linux harddisk for surfing, private stuff etc. media also works(trust me, its not that hard, but getting games running is unfortunately nearly impossible, emulating windows software over wine for example is 1 thing, goes often really easy and without bigger problems for advanced users, but games or stuff... forget it really. Its very hard to nearly impossible.), and for games you use windows, and dont connect with the internet with windows, and if like 1 time half a year for updates or so, but generally never connect to the internet with the windows harddisk. And if you want to switch data between linux and windows, no problem, use a external harddisk, linux has no problems working with an NTFS or FAT based harddisk, linux can work with all types. Generally i would ALWAYS recommend a external harddisk, or rather a dockstation, you can put any harddisk in there and connect it to the PC and access it as external hardisk. However because you can store your most important data there, and if you dont connect it to your PC nothing can happen to it. So or so worst case scenario is always: Either through bug or malware, windows crashes, and the data is completely lost, well it is retrievable, you can use the dockstation and put your old harddisk in it, but if its malware, theres always a chance of totall damage and non retrievable dataloss, also the risk to spread the malware through USB connection. Therefore having an external harddisk with the most important data stored is so or so vital, because as said in case of total data loss, you got it all on an external harddisk. Of course if you want to spend the money and deal with the stress, u can have several external harddisks for backup to. So or so i can only recommend a external harddisk, or better a dockstation for all harddisks, since they are also cheap. I will do the same, as soon as im able to afford another harddisk, i will switch to linux for anything i do online. And for games i will shut down internet, reboot and use windows. After all i have seen from windows security, my oppinion is: It is, on security level, actually INSANE to connect to the internet with any windows version.
  4. I use it. My oppinion: Very good, it gives excellent protection,after swichting from zonealarm to comodo i noticed that even tracking cookies were blocked effektively. Still it combines excellent protection with easy use, its not easy but also not hard, and for a firewall of that level easy to understand and configure. Drawbacks, well there are 2: First when installing for the first time, be ready to get hell a lot of questions, comodo remembers and memorizes every single rule, it needs time until it saves the rules for any software you use, but once they are set, you will only get new questions on updates or when installing and using new software, since this may be an old task but a new file or a completely new software. In the beginning it maybe be costing a few nerves with all the rules. Second drawback: its excellent that it has even a sandbox, but works not so good.... also it somehow doesnt seem to react on changes, when i put a programm in the ignore list it often wont work and comodo still sandboxes it... sadly this definitely needs an overworking. But besides that id say: excellent.
  5. waiting for the new alpha version since i dont like unnessesary messing around with my system, seems to provide a lot if nice upgrades, at least it promises to. But knowing flashplayer they always develop, give them some time.
  6. truely amusing one^^ And dont forget the mouse with only 1 keystroke, and fingersized to make it easier
  7. hard... cats can have very own personality. There are cats you can get along with good, and there are arse personality cats. While personal I prefer dogs^^ Beneath loyalty they always cheer you up, its always nice to know a dogs waiting for your visit^^ Also you can teach them so much its awesome Also if you are beneath regular walk ever in for training(running), your dog will love it and gladly accompany you^^ Well of course dogs have theyre own personality to. but how to say... cats tend to be unpredictable, whilst when you know your dog, you know his behaviour and there are no real surprises. Also sneakiness^^ Cats can be very sneaky and backstabbing, while dogs rather dont tend to do so. If I ever get a pet mine is going to be a dog.
  8. I see so more than one overwrite with NSA is really not. Then really running a MFT+free space run once a few months is more than enough already. Thanks then this is a done topic for me. Btw. thinking about it: The main problem may be thanks to what you mainly get from googling and searching... You get specially on rewritting methods tons of different informations etc. etc. You are like never really provided with the information you need. Well guess thats thanks to companys that want to sell shredders to earn cash. Nonelass thanks, again learned something usefull.
  9. Mr.anonymous

    Adobe Reader

    You said the issues are leftover files and folders, however if you lack access, at least from my experience under win 7, if its not possible to access or delete such folders or files, you can tray a few things. They can occur in various occassions, like in mine in a failed windows update recently or other random occasions rarely, I found the folder by coincidence, checked it since I didnt know it, and found I had no access rights, later to find it was the microsoft framework update that for some reason failed. Dealing with this I know 2 options you can try(at least under win 7 in my problems it worked): Right click the file or folder you wish to delete, properties, then safety. There you get the users displayed and the current rules and which rights they have, give your current user/s, System and/or admin the full rights, save and close, try again to delete them, should definitely work now. If the boxes are grayed out and you cant change them, then you would need to tweak with advanced user?s settings, sorry but here my knowledge ends unfortunately^^ Havent figured that one out yet... Oh and notice(at least under vista/7), that even if you are logged in as admin, have full admin rights for the programm, doesnt means it works. Certain programms need also system and/or user rights to run, if it doesnt have them even as admin, general permission is denied in this case. But theres another method of altering it deletable, with a very easy trick I developed when thinking and experementing on a way to get rid of it and at least browse and view subfolders: Simply cut out the files or folders, and paste them in a folder you made(anywhere outside the main folder with the "problem", creating a new desktop folder for example is fast and easy). When packed into a new folder, this will totally change theyre overall users access rights to the typical "windows standard", then its no problem to delete them at all(worked fine in my case at least, thanks to this I could analyze and get rid of the failed update installing leftovers). Try this and see if it works, hope this helps you.
  10. There was a portable version? Ah damn, and I unneccesarily installed it.
  11. Free version of Antivir, use it since years and am happy with it. I tried quite a few, mainly years ago, todays i focused on "the best tips" mainly. I only tried it, sad that it costs money, but i can also from my experience recommend NOD32. In the past beneath antivir and maybe also Panda(quite crapy today...) Avast stod out to be a really good antivirus that provided me good protection and good scanning results(at least in the tests i did back a few years ago), similiar to antivir and NOD32. Some claim NOD32 is better then Antivir, so if you want to spend the money for it I would recommend it definitely. Oh ho thats quite some news. From what I knew the comodo antivirus was indeed "humble"^^ Maybe we have an interesting newcomer with Comodo antivirus in the future.
  12. Another possibility is simple installing the safari webbrowser. hm let me think... I dont remember how, forgot it unfortunately, since I use save2pc, the free version works for youtube only, but hell its free so you cant complain^^ There was a video on youtube that showed you how to do that under safari, quite easy once you get used to it. Some people claimed it works for other streaming sites to(safari?s method), my fazit is: in none it did at least the ones i tested(4 alternative streaming sites at least), but in youtube it definitely works. 2 methods i learned for doing this.
  13. Nope its not, it cost only 5$ a year, all money is directly paid to my bankaccount for full download Jokes aside. It is indeed sadening how companys and website owners out there always try to make a easy coin out of unknowing users... And whats even more sad is that some people really fall for it to Well this kind of methods are used since years unfortunately. Actually, if more people would simply think when surfing, and maybe put a little effort in things(better double check then beeing sorry later), these kind of methods would die out, because there wouldnt be enough people who fall for it. Also sadly i notice it in some of my own friends, many of them dont give a damn and go surfing like lalala, not thinking, sometimes to regret it one day. Sadly most people just dont pay enough attention, be it to websites and if they are trustworthy, or security, both the same dramas always.
  14. I didnt know until I read the articles in the forums, rarely used it and long time ago, luckily I seem to have been spared from any corrupt files. Thanks for telling us, there are plenty other and more trustworthy download sites, I will keep filehippo in mind. I also remember a few good programms working with filehippo for theyre downloads to.
  15. Never had it before, tested it a few hours ago, cant say anything bad about it, the opposite. Even if it was only a tracking cookie, it found 1 that even spybot, ad-aware(deinstalled by now, now as good as it was before in my oppinion) and even MBAM couldnt find. Also I noticed its fastness in running and updating, though scanning fastness was about the same as most scanners. As a additional scanner for spyware my rating: excellent.
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