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  1. ouch thats bad news^^ Well seems like comodo antivirus still stays something one should better not install. As always, as long as it provides me good results and good testing results, i will stick to antivir and MBAM against malware.
  2. Free version of Antivir, use it since years and am happy with it. I tried quite a few, mainly years ago, todays i focused on "the best tips" mainly. I only tried it, sad that it costs money, but i can also from my experience recommend NOD32. In the past beneath antivir and maybe also Panda(quite crapy today...) Avast stod out to be a really good antivirus that provided me good protection and good scanning results(at least in the tests i did back a few years ago), similiar to antivir and NOD32. Some claim NOD32 is better then Antivir, so if you want to spend the money for it I would recommend i
  3. Comodo, I had Zonealarm many years before, worked good, but for me it failed since the last 2-3years, and as I got windows 7 I got unexplained bluescreens, over help from a different forum only was I finally able to get the answer, it was Zonealarm bugging with my 64bit version of Windows(over googling apparantly I found out this only happens at a certain RAM-size and only in 64bit systems under certain conditions). Also I got recommended comodo there, which i happily use until today, as soon as zonealarm was de-installed. Since then my system has been free of stuff. Pros are beneath secur
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