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  1. I downloaded and tried a scan with Malwarebytes anti malware but it didn't detect any problems. I hadn't seen that post you linked to so wasn't aware of step two. Guess I should have looked a bit harder. It's getting a bit late here now so I'll give it a try tomorrow just to be sure my system is clean but I think webroot found the problem as everything seems to be running good now. Thanks again for you help and advice. It's much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.
  3. Right. It seemed kind of strange as I've never had any Nvida products in this computer. Webroot said it was bad news so it's gone now anyway. There are a few websites that have it listed as spyware.
  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The webroot software not only identified it as a threat and removed it, it also found another one that the other programs missed. NVWIZ.exe
  5. I stupidly did a download and install of Xvid from a questionable web site. After my brain cramp subsided I uninstalled the program and decided to clean the registry up with CCleaner. CCleaner wouldn't open. A flash and it was gone. Tried to do a system restore (Windows 7 64bit) and got the same result, a flash and it was gone. After much messing around I found a program called Crystal.exe in the startup. (MSconfig) I unchecked the box so it wouldn't start up and rebooted. CCleaner and system restore now work ok. I've done system scans with Microsoft Security Essentials, Threatfire, Malwarebytes, and IOBit Malware fighter. Everything says the system is clean. Anyone got any ideas?
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