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  1. Add the filetypes *.7z *.msi and *.msp to the archives category.


    I personally added these files and then checked to move files larger than 0 MB to the end of the partition.

    This has the effect that all archives of the windows install on my C: partition move nicely to the end of the partition.


    Furthermore please add the following to "Disk Images"


  2. If the folders filesize is an "issue" and you're leary of just outright deleting them another safe option is to:

    1. Highlight all the folders as a group, then right click, then select Properties from the pop up dialog.

    2. Click Advanced, tick Compress contents to save disk space.

    3. Click OK, and expect the compression to take many seconds to a few minutes. The files will still be accessible for uninstalling of any hotfix.



    No need to do that. Microsoft automatically applies compression to its Hotfix uninstallers under the \windows directory. They already had that idea :D

  3. I would like to see a function, where only "aged" hotfixes are deinstalled.

    So that newer hotfixes remain in the system. Lets say for 2 months. After this time they are considered safe and allowed for removal by ccleaner. What do you think of that enhancement?

  4. Hello,


    I have tried Windows Live One Care and its registry scan finds obsolete entries that are NOT discovered by ccleaner. Is there a chance that the ccleaner team can look into this issue and give a comment about that?


    One thing I discovered: The Microsoft Cleaner finds regentries of deinstalled hotfixes by ccleaner. The uninstall-path is left in the registry by ccleaner, even it has deleted the uninstall programm in the windows directory. Just one example.


    For comparison: CCleaner reported a clean registry and microsoft found another 400 "bad" entries...

  5. HOTFIX Uninstaller Option:


    Keep Updates that are only 1 month old (Depending on date installed entry in registry). Maybe make the month amount variable (1 months, 2 months etc.)

    So something similar to the option "only delete files ... older than 48 hours"


    This would give the user the option to uninstall recent hotfixes. Hotfixes older than 1 month are then considered "safe" by CCleaner.

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