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  1. Add the filetypes *.7z *.msi and *.msp to the archives category. I personally added these files and then checked to move files larger than 0 MB to the end of the partition. This has the effect that all archives of the windows install on my C: partition move nicely to the end of the partition. Furthermore please add the following to "Disk Images" *.vdi|*.vmdk|*.tib
  2. No need to do that. Microsoft automatically applies compression to its Hotfix uninstallers under the \windows directory. They already had that idea
  3. I would like to see a function, where only "aged" hotfixes are deinstalled. So that newer hotfixes remain in the system. Lets say for 2 months. After this time they are considered safe and allowed for removal by ccleaner. What do you think of that enhancement?
  4. Hello, I have tried Windows Live One Care and its registry scan finds obsolete entries that are NOT discovered by ccleaner. Is there a chance that the ccleaner team can look into this issue and give a comment about that? One thing I discovered: The Microsoft Cleaner finds regentries of deinstalled hotfixes by ccleaner. The uninstall-path is left in the registry by ccleaner, even it has deleted the uninstall programm in the windows directory. Just one example. For comparison: CCleaner reported a clean registry and microsoft found another 400 "bad" entries...
  5. HOTFIX Uninstaller Option: Keep Updates that are only 1 month old (Depending on date installed entry in registry). Maybe make the month amount variable (1 months, 2 months etc.) So something similar to the option "only delete files ... older than 48 hours" This would give the user the option to uninstall recent hotfixes. Hotfixes older than 1 month are then considered "safe" by CCleaner.
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