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  1. true, can customize the directory you want it to install and wether to put context menus on the recycle bin and stuff, but i find it more of a pain to deal with autoit scripts then silent installers already built in. but good script none the less.
  2. uhm... download the slim version or the Basic version from this link: http://www.ccleaner.com/download/builds.aspx then install with "/S" (case sensitive) works perfectly, and no Toolbar.
  3. I laugh at the HOSTS part of this thread >.>
  4. In response the original question about installing CCleaner without the Yahoo Toolbar.. Download one of the builds without the toolbar, i use the Slim version since i don't want the toolbar, nor do i want other languages. http://www.ccleaner.com/downloadbuilds.asp Install it like any other NSIS Installer using the /S command line parameter. Hope that helps
  5. ugh... BAD move indeed. I install CCleaner with my Unattended Windows XP CD and also recommend it to my Relatives and Friends, guess i'll have to make sure they download the non crap CrapCleaner or make sure they uncheck the box for it. Hopefully if they keep the Yahoo toolbar crap with it they will always have the no toolbar download link.. or atleast make it more visible on their download page.
  6. i ended up going afk for about 2 hours last night, but left firefox open.. so i missed that. just answering lokoike's question.
  7. yea, but they got deleted... twice... lol.
  8. ROFL! same here... although... i get enlarge your breasts spam LOL, I just forward those to my GF lol j/k
  9. ok, got bored today, ran CCleaner a lot cause i was doing lots of program installations, etc.. etc. etc... every time i had to do a restart and upon starting up ventrilo, ventrilo had to do a setup screen to copy back the eula.txt file. so i decided to make a small batch file, and share it here incase anyone else wanted/needed it. basically what it does is start up CCleaner.exe and wait for it to exit out, then copy the eula.txt file back into temp so ventrilo doesn't complain. all instructions needed are in readme.txt You can customize it anyway you like, and add more files to
  10. are you by chance right clicking on a JPEG and hitting set as wallpaper? if so try putting the wallpaper somewhere else on your hard drive then browsing to that one insted of the one thats in your Internet Cache.
  11. Been using AVG for the past year or so. since i scrapped Norton. Jut downloaded Avast a couple days ago, and didn't like it too much... May consider going back to it though. hate the 1 year re-register thing though.
  12. Neat little Photoediting program i found. called "Paint .Net" runs off the .NET Framework so you'll have to have .NET Framework installed for it to work. very nice freeware version of photoshop basically. Paint .NET Screenshots
  13. Bi0haZarD

    Hijack This?

    in a sence it could prevent future malware.... If you get infected with some sort of malware, more then likely it will add itself to your HKLM Run part of your registry. Thus when you reboot your computer or login as another user they then become infected as well, or more malware can be downloaded and executed. so Tarun is correct by saying that hijackthis prevents malware. just not in the way we would like it to as a complete malware preventer...
  14. hah easier said then done lol then again i've only commited about 2 hours of the past 4 days or so into learning it.. I just need to find a really cool app in which too look at the source-code and see how it "ticks". For VB, a friend of mine Jeff made a cool program that just demonstrated things like the timer, text on change, messageboxes, etc... and gave me the Source Code with pretty much every line commented with what it does.
  15. Looks pretty awesome Tarun, nice to see your moving from VB to Delphi. I've been trying C++, C#, Java, and Delphi over the past month. Still prefer VB over anything else cause of the simlicity, but I want to code things with more power.
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