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  1. Yeah, ticking those boxes helped somewhat. I didn't realize that 24% was acceptable...I was trying to get as low as possible. All my drives are about 15%-20%, so I guess I'm in good shape.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll give it a shot. How does 'check Exclude restore point file, and check Exclude hibernation file' make Defraggler work better? It would seem that excluding files would mean that those files would not be defragged. Is that a good thing?
  3. How to move all of the same type of files together? How does one defrag a drive so that all of the blue squares(not fragmented) are together, all of the red squares(fragmented) are together, and all of white squares(empty) are together? I've defragged every few months for about 10 years, and every time, after the defrag, the drive is cleaner looking, but there's still many fragmented, not fragmented and empty squares all mixed up. I've also tried defragging the empty space, but there's still lots of fragments everywhere. Are there some 'hidden' settings that I'm not aware of?
  4. I just found this forum topic:Checking "Internet History" under "Chrome" when cleaning will result in all Chrome extensions and preferences being deleted at http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=40042 Part of the post says:'For the time being I suggest anyone having this issue should clean with "Internet History" unchecked. You can delete Chrome history manually' Is this still the case, or has 416 fixed this?
  5. I just went to the CCleaner site and saw that they had ccsetup416.exe available for D/L. But, before I run it, I want to make sure that it won't delete all my Chrome extensions as before. I have 8 extensions, it takes some time to re-install them all.
  6. Thanks for the response. CCleaner is V4.04.4197. I tried updating it, it said I had the most current version. Chrome is Version 36.0.1985.125 m Google Chrome is up to date. Windows 7. This didn't used to happen. It just started about two months ago. I have the following boxes checked under the 'Applications'/Google Chrome' tab:internet cache, internet history, cookies, download history, last download location, and session.
  7. Which boxe(s) do I need to un-check from 'Windows' and/or 'Applications' in CCleaner to stop it from deleting all my Chrome browser extensions? Anyone know? Thanks!!!
  8. I've read the Quickie CCleaner FAQ, and the registry information thread, and read through the 'Using CCleaner web site, but I can't seem to find an answer to my question. I've used CCleaner for a few years now, but always with the default settings...but I'm curious about... When using the 'cleaner' mode, what files does CCleaner clean on the 'Applications' tab? I understand the the ones like browser cache, history, cookies, etc...but what files are deleted for Applications... for example Adobe Reader, or Nero Burning ROM, or under Internet...Bit Torrent, uTorrent, or under Multimedi
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