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  1. Perhaps it's not being wiped. See if you can recover something you "wiped" with Recuva. The "wiped" files may be renamed, but see if the contents looks intact.
  2. Of course I did. lol I'm one of the first to start suggesting that, here. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=71948
  3. No, but it doesn't wipe in Vista, at least not on my machine. Not even the 2.0 RC. All it does is change the name to ZZZZZZ.ZZZ and deletes it. I checked to be sure and I was able to recover CCleaner-wiped files with Recuva. If I thought CCleaner "sux'd" I wouldn't bother with it. I said what I said; CCleaner is perfect for finding the stuff to clean, but it would be perfect if it had an option to delete files to the RecycleBin. It would also be nice if it did a thorough wipe, including directory entries and slack space. But I suspect that would make the program much bigger. (bigger doesn't bother me a bit, but most prefer CCleaner to be small)
  4. Since when CCleaner wasn't working that great in Vista, I started using another program to do file wiping. It also wipes slack space and the directory entries, so it does a better job of wiping than CCleaner does even when it does wipe. But, CCleaner does a perfect job of finding stuff to clean!! IMHO So, I propose that an option be added that would allow CCleaner to move the files it finds to clean to the recycle bin, whenever possible. That would allow people that like to use a different app to do wipes to really wipe that stuff. It would also allow people that make a mistake to possibly reverse that mistake with a Restore File from Recycle Bin.
  5. You can also set the compatibility tab of the shortcut to make CCleaner always "Run this program as an administrator"
  6. JRd1st


    Wouldn't a System Restore bring those uninstallers back?
  7. I don't have UAC turned off either and CC works perfectly in all respects for me. All you need to do is to set the compatibility tab of CCleaner.exe to "Run as administrator". This fix must be posted 30 times in the forums. lol
  8. Right-Click on the CCleaner.exe file and then go to Properties >> Compatability then check "Run this program as an administrator". You may have to do the same with the shortcut you use, too. (I don't know why, but sometimes I have to do the shortcut too, for some programs. )
  9. Can't you clean up all temps through the Custom option? Also, if you're using FF as your browser, you can delete the cookies.txt file(s) using Custom.
  10. I don't know if these files are from Firefox or NOD32, but I suspect NOD32 because wouldn't a file from Firefox downloading something be in the cache folder? Anyway, the reason I say this is because I just downloaded a big file and looked in that temp folder and I had an IH####.tmp file that grew as the file was downloaded, and was deleted when the download was finished. I don't know why, but sometimes these files don't get deleted automatically. A while back, some version of CC wasn't deleting files from my Temp folder so I added the two Temp folders to the custom folders. Also, you have to wait a while after you close FF before using CC otherwise it either gives an error or doesn't clean everything. And you need to be sure that the Only delete temp files older than 48 hours option, in Advanced isn't checked.
  11. Right-click on the entry in CCleaner and select "Open in RegEdit". Try to delete it from within RegEdit. If you can't then you may need to change the permissions of the key. I'm almost positive that a key named like that is bogus, so you should be able to safely remove it. How you got it in the first place? I have no idea . . .
  12. In Vista, the default account type, even though it says Administrator, doesn't really have full admin permissions. I don't know why CCleaner found more stuff, but that "Run as administrator" is what allowed you to remove that stuff. It might help if we knew what type of file the additional stuff was . . .
  13. If you clean the Hotfix Uninstallers, you won't be able to uninstall any Windows Updates. This isn't usually a problem, but it was once when I needed to uninstall a WMP update back when I was using XP. If you look at the Windows folder in Explorer, the Hotfix Uninstallers are in the folders shown in a blue font.
  14. . . . and you can use TweakUAC to change the UAC settings to Quiet Mode or Off. http://www.tweak-uac.com/
  15. I'm using CC 1.40.520 For Vista, CCleaner should be cleaning %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\*.* because that's where the links to recently accessed documents are. %USERPROFILE% means C:\Users\YourUserAccount (for those of you that don't already know . . . ) I added this as a custom folder and cleaning it works fine.
  16. Right, and some registry keys get re-created automatically. BUT, if CCleaner can't remove a key, shouldn't it indicate that instead of showing the key deleted?
  17. Why don't you just set the Google Toolbar options to not "Save the search history accross browser sessions"?
  18. You could try right-clicking on the CCleaner icon and using "Run as Administrator" I don't know what files it's trying to delete, but I don't have that problem running CCleaner on my Vista machine. But I always "Run as Administrator"
  19. It would be pointless to delete prefetch files that are currently valid because Windows would simply create them again. But, if you have prefetch files for programs you no longer have installed, then deleting them isn't pointless. IMHO BTW, exactly what is an "Old prefetch file"? Does this mean one that is obsolete? Or just old? I don't use this option in CC since I got Vista, but it never seemed to delete any valid prefetch files back when I used XP!
  20. If you have "Menu order cache" in Advanced selected, try unselecting it and see if that helps.
  21. Try it with Normal file deletion instead of Secure.
  22. This happens to me too. I've noticed that it usually happens when I close FireFox and do a cleanup. The times I've investigated, it was because it couldn't clean a file in a temp folder.
  23. I think it may be that secure deletion is only not working for the Recycle Bin. I created a folder called Rejects and added it to the Custom Clean list then copied the 97 MB file there and did a cleanup. It seemed to take a reasonable amount of time for overwriting it 3 times as I had it set for. The problem with getting things to work in Vista, is getting the permissions right. UAC keeps programs from accessing certain things unless the programmer jumps through just the right hoops. lol The things that M$ has implemented into Vista to protect us are a bit maddening for a "Power User", so I can't even imagine how it must be for a programmer.
  24. I have the opposite problem; secure deletion seems way to fast! lol It wouldn't be a problem if CC really was overwriting, but it's happening too fast to be possible. I tested it with a 97MB file and CC set to overwrite 7 times. I deleted the file then used CC to clear my Recycle Bin. The drive activity stops way to fast for writing almost 700MB, so I'm assuming that CC is only doing a simple removal. BTW, I'm running Vista Home Premium and CC only runs without an error, with something in the Recycye Bin", if I use the "Run as administrator" option from the Right-click context menu. When I had Windows XP, it was clear that secure deletion was working because I could hear lots of drive activity for wiping big files.
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