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  1. I found the *.dmb files. Any way to figure out what they mean? My drive passes chkdsk. There isn't any other software which exhibits similar behavior. I have no indication of hard drive errors or failure. I guess something in my hardware/software isn't compatable with speccy
  2. It displays info on hard drive and optical driven then closes. I ran it in debug mode log: [2011-08-03 14:46:21] [iNFO ] CPU SDK at: C:\DOCUME~1\Lewis.LEW\LOCALS~1\Temp speccycpuid.dll I-5 CPU Z68 chip set GA-Z68xud3h-b3 MB Using chipset graphics 2 4 Gig RAM WinXP S3 (32bit) only a little over 3 Gig is recognized (32 bit OS limitation) Could that be an issue with your software? Similar programs such as Intel Identification Utility work fine.
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