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  1. As of CCleaner 2.00.500, I seem to be having an issue after updating to this version where if I attempt to actually "Fix" one or all registry issues, the buttons do nothing. About 5 minutes before updating from version 2.00.4xx, I ran the same registry scan and all issues were fixed successfully, but after updating the buttons are clickable, but have no action present when pressed. The cancel button works fine, and if you choose to "Fix" all selected items, the dialog still pops up asking you if you are sure you want to do this, but after that nothing happens. I'm going to take a guess and
  2. Ya, I've got this issue too but mine is slightly different. I know how to use CCleaner so don't think I'm a noob and if you say I need to use FF or BonziBuddy I swear I will go medieval on ur *** I have an issue with CCleaner crashing too but mine will actually sit there not responding for about 10 minutes and then suddenly crash. It only does this when scanning the registry. I use Windows XP Home with SP2 and believe me, it's about as up-to-date as it can get This is the first version of CCleaner that I've gotten this problem with. The previous versions I had never had this problem, altho
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