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  1. Pressing the Close Button won't Minimize CCleaner to the Tray, but my version does have an option for Minimizing to the Tray using the Minimize Button.
  2. AdBlock Plus may not be compatible with Safari, but the original is, and it actually works quite well. I use it (I'm using it now), and I see no ads anywhere but Google (which I haven't blocked). Also, AdBlock Plus is more complicated than the original. You should've tried the original. I agree with that. I use Safari, and I'm using it right now. I didn't know that, and it hasn't stopped me! I've installed Safari on two or three different Windows computers so far. Is ignorance an excuse in this case? I'm just curious.
  3. OK, then I think that should be part of the option, if it's doable. It's just an idea, after all.
  4. Show Network and Peripheral Summary Information Disable Navigation Menu (use Links on existing Summaries and my Suggested Summaries) Replace Windows System Information Program
  5. Defragment System Volume Information Files (mine doesn't) I agree with Closing Defraggler after Defragmentation.
  6. Organize files better (i.e. improve Searching, allow Sorting by Date Deleted, File Type, Recovery Chance/Status, etc.) Option for not finding files deleted by CCleaner
  7. Replace Windows Disk Cleanup Allow Cleaning only of Analyzed Files to save time often spent Cleaning sections with nothing in them to remove - If the User wants to Clean Empty Space, that's what the Wipe Free Space Option is for. Reason for editing: I didn't know you could switch back to Detailed View. Thanks, Winapp2.ini!
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