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  1. Hi all, Thanks to all of you for your help All is Ok now I applied the new setting and refragmented the disk, now at 8% best regards and till next inquiery RAB
  2. Thanks, ok I did get the list, what now? shall I defragment one file at a time? there are about 20 files with diff. fragmantation (btw.2 and 107) example: CT4IM.exe.4240.dmp 107 size:34327116 I am not an expert in Pc matters, so what to do next? awaiting an easy answer if possible RAB
  3. Thanks, I erased all restore point but the newest 5 restore points, and I used ccleaner and registry cleaner and erased all, last I quick defragmented the HD but still having 20% DEFRAGMENTATION! What can I do more? Thanks in advanced for your help RAB
  4. Hi, hope I can get some help here. I am trying to defragment my C: HD which is 51% fragmented (acc. to Defragler ), I tried to defrag with quick defrag and it took few min, and the result was 48%; a second quick defrag brought No change (still 48%). Is this possible? what am I doing wrong. Hope you can help, thanks in advanced RAB
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