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  1. I am running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on a MacBook Pro. Downloaded CC version 1.07.236 today. Seems to work fine except does not clear Google Chrome Internet History. Cleaned Firefox OK. I ticked the box for Internet History under Google Chrome in CC. Is there anything else I should do or must I use the Clear Browsing Data feature in Chrome.
  2. raucous- I completely agree. If developers did not work in Beta there would never be any aps for new software at launch. I am a CC fan and impatient for the new release!!
  3. Ben20

    Wipe Free Space

    No left it running at night.
  4. Ben20

    Wipe Free Space

    My first post - I have been using CC Cleaner for years and think it is great - highly recommended to numerous colleagues. Yesterday I accidentally hit Wipe Free Space before cleaning which I never do normally. It seems to have filled my whole hard disc. I have 100Gig disc which had about 40 Gig of free space. I had a message to say disc full and had to remove some folders to get it going again after running disc clean up and defrag. It is now working but I only have 3 Gig free space which is folders I removed. It would appear that WFS has filled my disc - how do I recover the space please???? I run Microsoft Windows 7.
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