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  1. Always best to wipe it clean after you have safe custody of anything remotely useful.
  2. I love cats and dogs, but I do concede that cats can be the cause of some serious diseases but they can be super cute at times.
  3. Nice man, that was wicked.That was really really funny..
  4. Really nice, I am just thinking, how it would be like to get others to test their products the same way. he he...
  5. I also got tapped by the auto De-fragmentation that is run by windows, but did not have the heart to turn it off, though.
  6. I got this trouble myself, I figure, you need to turn all the online software to stop using the net and then log in to hotmail,I even got a problem with IE to work with hotmail a few times.
  7. I agree, even you do not use a particular windows software, the security issues are going to be a issue, and a decent backdoor pass for hackers.
  8. I hope to see CCleaner for Lion in the near future.
  9. Good idea and thanks for sharing it with us.Can you specific about its special features
  10. Great Information shared here and tanks for all your discussion found it informative
  11. It would be a great idea giving necessary options to select before getting deleted
  12. I would also love too know the reply for this.Can anyone help it out?
  13. That was great information discussed.Found it useful.thnks
  14. Yea I agree with you for click 1 time for group of uninstall.Great ideas
  15. Would be really nice to see a different tab dedicated for browsers
  16. Thanks for the information and file location shared.Very informative thanks
  17. Good try but the icon does not seem to be much impressive
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