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  1. ... and as for MS Calculator Plus. You should not need to move anything into the Windows folder for it to work. I just downloaded it to have a look. Double-click the msi-file, and the application is installed, adding a shortcut in Start Menu which will successfully launch the application, just like it should. I'm a bit puzzled as to why it closes all by itself on your end....
  2. To come back to your original question, you *ought* to have a copy of calc.exe in your Windows\System32\Dllcache folder, and you can simply copy that to the System32 folder. From then on you can launch the calculator through Start > Run > calc, or of course create a fresh shortcut to the file on the desktop, or in Quick Start or your Start menu (in case the one there's missing)
  3. You're very welcome, Dennis. It's just way too good to keep a secret.
  4. Same here. IMHO, as long as MS continues to support it, it remains the thinking man's choice...
  5. Have a look at ClipMate's Flash demos to get a tiny inkling of what it's capable of, and you may just end up changing your mind...
  6. Before ClipMate I used Yankee Clipper, and I see they still have a freeware version as well. http://www.intelexual.com/products/YC3/ I quite liked it at the time, and by the looks of it it has only gotten better.
  7. If you do a lot of copying and pasting, you'll be interested to check out one of the many available 'Clipboard Extenders' These not only save a lot of your clips instead of just the most recent one, you can also edit and re-format a clip before pasting it using many different tools, or rorganize, print, combine, search, and manage these data. Personally I've used ClipMate for years, and it is the one tool I couldn't possibly do without. It's a huge time saver, and it has too many options to mention. There are many freeware solutions as well.
  8. You're very welcome, glad that did the trick. I do suggest you go back to Windows Update and see whether there are now additional critical updates to install.
  9. Submit the False Positive to Panda, attaching the file. It will no doubt be fixed with the next database update.
  10. I can empathize with that... Must have been a fluke though, or the Antivir forum would be awash with complaints, I should think.
  11. But that's exactly what I told you to do: Firs UNinstall your present copy of IE 7 through Add-Remove Programs. Reboot when done. Then download and install IE 7 anew!
  12. Ah, that's too bad; why did you give up so easily?
  13. Odd... have you tried posting at the Antivir board?
  14. This appears to be McAfee detecting cidaemon.exe as a trojan. This file is not CCleaner related, but, if legitimate, part of Windows, and co-responsible for the Indexing Service Sounds like a coincidence, and possibly a McAfee False Positive. Does the log tell you were the file was originally located? The legitimate one is to be found in your Windows\System32 folder. I'm not familiar with McAfee, but if possible, restore the file from Quarantine, disable McAfee's resident detection, and upload the file at http://www.virustotal.com/ to be scanned. That will give you a host of "second opinions."
  15. Nope, my version doesn't appear to have the bug. I copied 3 folders containing baddies to a temporary folder, then selected the three of them and had AV scan them. No probs: all files were detected and deleted, everything went smoothly:
  16. I switched to Antivir PersonalEdition Premium on my main XP machine a couple of months ago, and I'm very pleased with it. Very light, and detection is really outstanding. Still using NOD32 on two other machines though, one of them also running Win 98SE (Antivir no longer supports that operating system) I really like and recommend either.
  17. Whoops, you're absolutely right... this is the correct one: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=12686
  18. Yeah, why do all the work when Windows File protection can do it for you....
  19. OK, good luck; do keep us posted.
  20. Let's continue in the separate topic you started: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=12544
  21. This really sounds like a botched or incomplete install to me. You need to UNinstall IE 7, then do a fresh install of the browser. That will replace ALL IE related files, INCLUDING Iepeers.dll and Inetcpl.cpl; it may solve all your problems in the process. After uninstalling/reinstalling IE, go to Set Program Access and Defaults, and set FF as your default browser
  22. I've tried this myself, and the file were immediately replaced, as they should.... Doing a sfc /scannow from the run box will prompt File Protection to check the integrity of all system files. That's something else to try; you may need your Windows Setup CD-Rom [edit]whoops, our posts appear to have crossed...[/edit]
  23. Try replacing inetcpl.cpl, like I suggested. Certainly can't hurt.
  24. I'm assuming you're running Windows XP SP2 . Now if you do have the inetcpl.cpl file in your C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder (or C:\Winnt\System32 in XP Home), and just in case Andavari' suggestions don't do the trick, you could try this: First, copy the existing inetcpl.cpl file from System32 to another folder for safekeeping. Next, delete the copy in System32. Windows File Protection will immediately detect that the file has disappeared, and will replace it with the copy from the Dllcache or ServicePackFiles folder. See whether that fixes it.
  25. Yeah, wouldn't it be nice though? Installing AVG free, then adding the Kaspersky database...
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